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2019-10-22 · and as such, inform long term capital and operational expenditure plans. Figure 1 is the Quarry Business''s "Plan on a Page", which is a diagrammatic representation of the overall Business Plan. This Figure also shows the key initiatives that are to be pursued over the life of this plan. Features of this Business Plan include:

Quarry Development Plan – Wuthrich Quarry

2015-6-12 · Quarry Development Plan - Wuthrich Quarry Site C Clean Energy Project River Regional District, City of Fort St. John, District of Hudson''s Hope and Aboriginal Groups 30 days prior to the commencement of construction activities that require an applicable Plan.


2015-7-3 · _____ reclamation plan page 3 [general mining operation information con''t] (1) describe the geology of the area surrounding the mine site: (2) describe the geology of the area to be mined: describe the type of mining to be employed [e.g. quarry/ truck and shovel operation]: general lead agency information lead agency: staff contact:

Operations and Maintenance Manual

2017-8-17 · Miller Aggregate Resources Operations and Maintenance Manual Carden Quarry – 4 – 5. Contingency Plans 5.1 Spills Fuels and lubricants stored and used in the equipment and plant are generally the only significant sources of

Example of a Health and Safety Management System for …

2018-11-18 · Example of Major Hazard Management Plan for Mobile Plant 10 The Quarry Operator recognises that the use of mobile plant creates foreseeable risks of a fatal injury or illness occurring at this quarry. An identification and assessment of these risks was carried out by the Site Senior

Health and safety at quarries

2014-6-19 · of people working at a quarry and others who may be affected by quarrying activities. They apply to both employers and the self-employed. They are also intended to safeguard people not working at the quarry (eg those living, passing or working nearby, or visiting, for example to buy materials).

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for Nonmetallic ...

c. Create earthen containment berms around quarry edges per plan to prevent off-site waters entering quarry and to prevent runoff from leaving the quarry project site. d. Proceed with mining operations to design quarry depth. 4. Reclamation a. Restore with 8" of …

Mining KPIs | Example KPIs & Performance Metrics for ...

2021-8-19 · Example KPIs for Mining. Average bucket weight. Average fuel use per machine. Average loading time. Average number of dumps per hour/day/week/month. Average number of loads per hour/day/week/month. Average payload. Average swing time. Cash operating costs per barrel of oil equivalent (BOE)

Company Profile

2014-9-8 · • Stone work and dyke mining Surface Mining • Dust Control, • Road building and maintenance • Drilling and Exploration • Crushing and Screening • Load and Haul (FEL and Tipper trucks) Rehabilitation work • Spoils leveling • Topsoil placement Mine closure planning • Determination and assessment of financial closure provisions


2018-10-13 · A). Quarry Plan: The Quarry Plan is a document which prescribes the methodology for conduct of operations for extraction of minerals. Every lease holder shall invariably carry out operations as per the Quarry Plan. The system of preparation, self certification, scrutiny and monitoring of operations shall be in accordance with the Quarry Plan.

Environmental Management Plan Operation of Quarries …

2016-1-11 · Environmental Management Plan: Quarry Operation March 2013 Environmental Management Plan Operation of Quarries to Provide Construction Materials for Project Phase 2 VERSION DATE: 1 MARCH 2013 ArcelorMittal Liberia Limited P.O. Box 1275 Tubman Boulevard at 15th Street Sinkor, Monrovia Liberia T +231 77 018 056

Guide to submission of a project management plan (PMP)

2021-8-24 · PMP to be provided for mine operations Part 3, Division 2, Regulation 3.13 (1) Notification of the commencement of mining operations at a mine must, in addition to the details set out in regulation 3.12, also include a plan that sets out - (a) A summary of the proposed mining operations including a description of the type of mine, the

KPMG Mining Operational Excellence Framework

2021-8-2 · 2 | KPMG Mining Operational Excellence Framework Mining companies have returned more money to shareholders over the last several years than companies in any other industry. Commodity prices have been pointing upwards since mid-2009. These are great times to be in this industry. However, the cyclical nature of this industry is only too well known.

Safety managment kit for small-scale mines, quarries and ...

2018-8-17 · The annual safety plan: The annual safety plan is a document/table/schedule that can be used to capture the agreed health and safety actions/targets for the mine for the upcoming year. At the start of each calendar year, the employer should meet workers and determine what safety targets are going to be completed during the year.

4 Examples of an Operations Plan

2019-4-1 · An operations plan is a plan to establish, expand or improve the day-to-day processes and practices of a business. Operations includes everything that a business does on a repeated basis to deliver products and services. It is common for operations to be heavily optimized, expanded and improved in order to build competitive advantages, cut costs and generate new revenue.

Health and Safety Management System Template

2017-11-14 · Work (Mining Operations and Quarrying Operations) Regulations 2016 Regulations 14, 16, 21: Quarry Manager The business must appoint a quarry manager to manage the quarry and supervise health and safety on every day on which any quarry worker is at work. The manager of a quarry must hold a certificate of competence. This

Best Management Practices for Quarry Operations

2011-11-28 · This document is intended as a guide specifically for quarry operations; however, quarry operators can seek variances, exceptions, or revisions based on site-specific facts. Quarries in the Edwards Aquifer include operations that produce dimension stone, aggregate, and sand and gravel. These quarries also come in a wide range of sizes.


2015-10-16 · prepared, signed and sealed by a licensed Mining Engineer or Geologist or Quarry Operational Plan prepared by a licensed Mining Engineer or Geologist and duly approved by the NRDC; and 3) Other supporting papers as the concerned Regional Office/Provincial/City Mining Regulatory Board (P/CMRB) may require or the applicant may submit.

Introducing a new aspect in marble quarry rehabilitation ...

2006-3-1 · For many years the marble extraction sector of the Greek mining industry has been in conflict with the public, especially in terms of rehabilitation of marble quarry sites. One of the main reasons for that is that the marble extraction sector has been unable to adjust to the existing legislative guidelines for the rehabilitation, such as extensive backfilling and re-vegetation. In the majority ...

Quarry Site Best Practices – Natural Stone Council

2009-1-19 · Nestled in the scenic foothills of the Oley Valley located in Berks County, Pennsylvania is one company that knows first-hand the meaning of environmentally-considerate quarry operations: Rolling Rock Building Stone, Inc. Rolling Rock is a family owned business steeped in a long history of mining and producing building stone …

Safe Quarry

2019-3-8 · a smaller operation – depending on how well safety, health and welfare matters are controlled at the quarry. Every quarry must have an Operator. The Owner must appoint the Operator of the quarry. At most quarries the Owner is the Operator and is self-appointed. The Operator must be competent and have the necessary resources to operate the quarry.

Operations | Kipton Quarry

The Kipton Quarry is a 56 acre sandstone quarry located in north central Ohio. The open pit covers over 10 acres and provides access to a variety of unique sandstone formations. The grey and buff stone mined from the quarry meet some of the most stringent …

Quarry Business Plan Sample Template

2020-12-1 · Quarrying operations plan. You may need to provide an operations plan along with your application to extract riverine quarry material. The Department of Resources will determine if a plan is required and what information needs to be provided. Contact your local business centre before lodging your application for advice.


2017-10-11 · 8.1 Traffic action plan 32 9.1 Operations action plan 34 10.1 Environmental Inspection Checklist 38 Figures 1.1 Site Aerial 4 3.1 Teven Quarry Water Management Strategy 15 4.1 Biodiversity and Regeneration Management Plan 22 Appendices A Development consent and conditions

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